Company Culture

Become one manufacturer which is worth of directing and professional leader
Gather a cheerful industry equality, share the success

Profession, innovation, trustworthiness, service

Cultural character
Modest, practicality, lasting

Management standard:
Loyalty, self-discipline, candor, open

Customer’s principle

  • Serve customer, let the customer get benefits
  • Serve customer, make customer satisfied completely;
  • There is the customer's satisfaction, we just have the customer's trust and loyalty;
  • There are the customer's satisfaction and loyalty, we just have our long-term existence and develop continuously.

Employee’s principe

  • Human resource is our most precious wealth
  • Choose a suitable talented person, educate elitist
  • Each employee is concerned to be respected
  • The division of labor is different, everyone is equal
  • The employee has to have another greatly a company to just provide to have another big stage, changing "mutually horse for race horse"